Sep, 2020
Sep, 2020
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Market research for daily value proposition by geographical area; Analysis on a regular basis and price adaptation in order to boost revenues.

Photographic production and elaboration of property’s photo gallery.

Promotion of Positive Reviews Online and Property promotion through various international and national distribution channels, including online booking portals, presence on Meta Search Sites such as On Line Travel Agencies; It also has its own communication channels, such as the website, profiles on social networks and, soon, the newsletter (essential for customer loyalty).

Booking management and optimization using tools that enable the cross-platform coordination used by millions of potential clients looking for accommodation for their next vacation destination; It also allows us to manage property availability or services related to the activity (eg cleaning, maintenance, etc.).

Maintenance by monitoring the condition of the property, in order to take action in time in case of need for repair. We also work with architects, engineers and contractors, offering options in case major interventions are needed. Replacement of consumables.

Advice on interior decoration.

Information Report to be delivered to the property owner and access to reservation management software for consultation, therefore ensuring a monitoring of the activity by the owner and maximum transparency.

Legal framework – legalization of the property through the preparation and provision of documentation, obtaining licenses, insurance and contracts, payment of fees, such as synchronization with SEF. T2P is a member of ALEP (partner No. 1832).

Provide guests with high quality service by adding extra services and products that will enhance the overall accommodation experience, in order to exceed their expectations and build customer loyalty.

Transfers and Rent-a-Car management.

Check-In and Check-Out Service, with welcome kit (Baskets of traditional or special diet products delivery) upon client’s arrival and verification of both property and equipment’s condition on departure.

Babysitter, housekeeper, au pair and butler’s availability.

Preparation of a presentation booklet specifically developed for the property and surrounding area, as well as the main tourist attractions in the region.

Experiences, tourism, health and wellness activities’ availability (eg. Yoga classes).

Cleaning, Laundry and Ironing Services.

24/7 support available from Monday to Sunday.

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